Sewbrella Machine, 2020

Single Channel  HD Video, 24:10min

'Sewbrella Machine' is a video project concerned with an imag­inary radio broadcast, produced when coronavirus first start­ed spreading across China.

Chen happened to be in China to celebrate Chinese New Year with her family during this period. As a measure to decrease the chance of being infected or of spreading the virus, the Chinese government asked people to stay at home as much as possible. Consequentially, Chen decided to invite her friends in China, who were also trapped at home during Chinese New Year, to be the audience of her ra­dio broadcasting. She invited them to write and send stories to her and to ask her any questions via an online platform. As the host of this fictional broadcasting channel, Chen used her per­ sonal interpretation to respond to the messages she received.

The work demonstrates the significance of the internet in contemporary culture, as a platform to maintain, tighten, and strengthen our social relationships, during times when we are unable to meet face to face.

Sewbrella Machine, 2020
Single Channel HD Video, 24:10min