F A C T O R Y, 2022 ~

Ongoing Project

‘FACTORY’ is an ongoing project that was developed based on the illustration series ‘100 Ideas of Hands’ and the video work ‘Study of Hands’, both inspired by the Dunhuang Buddhist art in China. By analysing and re-arranging the traditional Chinese and European art elements, combined with my own personal experiences and interpretations, ‘FACTORY’ is a bricolage that told a story about a fictional historical laboratory in an idiosyncratic narrative form. It also involved my interests in juxtaposing and combining the ancient arts with modern technologies, such as video games and social media.

“Dealing with the strains and inevitabilities of life, Buddhism suggests lettin the pressure drop by way of acceptance and letting go. In her art project ‘Study of Hands’, Singapore-based Chinese multidisciplinary artist Dongyan Chen researches depictions of hands and gestures found in the ancient Buddhist murals of the Dunhuang grotto in China. This deep iconographic exploration leads to drawings, NFTs, video installations, and electronic music bridging Eastern spirituality and Western technology across the ages.

Chen created new fictional narratives by comparing, reinterpreting, and reconstructing the motifs, recognizing and playing with their meaning, memeability, and expressive potential. In this way, she re-imagines ancient art through her contemporary practice, while bringing different cultures and ways of making art into a conversation. ”
——  SomoS Art House

First part of ‘FACTORY’ was exhibited at the exhibition ‘Pressure Drop’ at SomoS Art House Berlin, together with the video work ‘Study of Hands’ and the illustration series ‘100 Ideas of Hands’. ‘Pressure Drop’ was part of the 48 Stunden Neukölln Art Festival 2022.


FACTORY Information Portal (2022), Single-Channel Video, 5:55min

Every Part of My Body Will Turn Into Eyes Beyond the Sky (Trailer) (2022), Single-Channel Video, 2:04min

DOE Archive 001: First Contact (2023), Mixed Media Video Installation, 10:52min